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Meta Teletherapy App

APIA Scholars has partnered with META Teletherapy to offer direct access to online counseling at no cost to scholars. META is completely private and secure and does not share who received counselling sessions.

Why is APIA Scholars partnering with META Teletherapy?

Given the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans and college campus closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the last year, the need for mental health counseling services is at an all-time high. META counselors have been treating students dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression, either pre-existing, caused by, or exacerbated by the pandemic.


“At APIA Scholars, we are elevating the conversation around mental wellness for our community. Even before our students and young professionals consider counseling, we must normalize being attuned to our mental health and seeking resources to heal. When our Scholars are ready to find and speak to a licensed counselor, we are fortunate to have a partner in META Teletherapy to make that possible,” stated Shyam R. Gadwal, Vice-President of Programs at APIA Scholars.

Who is eligible to participate in this partnership? 

Undergraduate APIA Scholars who are 18 years old and above, and alumni enrolled in graduate school can download the free META app and connect with a licensed counselor of their choice for private, secure counseling sessions at their convenience. Students based in the United States can choose a counselor based on their preferences for gender, therapy style, ethnicity, language and more. META is working with their vetted network of providers to help them receive licenses across state lines to help as many students as possible. Since each therapist is licensed by state, META is not available to students in the Pacific Islands who do not have a licensed therapist where they are currently located. 

What is the cost to students of APIA Scholars? 

Grants provided by ECMC Foundation and The Kresge Foundation will provide the app download and counseling sessions free of cost to students of APIA Scholars. Currently, APIA Scholars is covering 6 free, school-sponsored sessions through META Teletherapy. If a student would benefit from additional sessions, APIA Scholars will work with META to make it possible.

How can students of APIA Scholars access META Teletherapy?

Eligible students of APIA Scholars will receive a welcome email and invitation to join META Teletherapy. Email for additional information.