SMART stands for Scholar Mentoring Access to Resources and Training.
SMART is a flexible online program designed to grow with our Scholars as they transition from college to career.
SMART provides our Scholars the support necessary to persist in college today and succeed in the workplace tomorrow.

Scholar Mentoring + Access to Resources and Training (SMART) is a flexible online program designed to grow with our students as they transition from college to career. From overcoming freshman jitters to securing that dream job, SMART provides our Scholars with the tools necessary to succeed in college today and thrive in the workplace tomorrow.


All APIA Scholars

Our scholarships are the first investment into a student’s success. SMART is the second. All incoming APIA Scholars are enrolled in this program, receive monthly support emails, and are provided access to the network and resources the SMART program has to offer.

  • APIA Scholars who are active in the SMART Program will learn to:
    • Effectively navigate the landscape of higher education and campus resources;
    • Implement skills and competencies for a successful career exploration and job search; and
    • Develop national contacts and resources to grow their networks


Mentoring + Resources

Student needs vary over the course of their college experience and career transition. SMART meets these diverse needs with a suite of resources:

  • An online community of peer and professional mentors invested in the success of APIA students and rising professionals
  • Monthly support emails tailored to the student’s networking successes and challenges
  • Monthly webinars that empower students with the academic and professional knowledge to succeed in college and beyond


Volunteer Call to Action

Help us expand our network of professionals offering eMentorship as part of our SMART program. Volunteer by becoming an active member of our myAPIAnetwork family!

  • Join our network now:
  • Introduce yourself and post regularly to encourage Scholar and Alumni networking
  • Once contacted by a Mentee, schedule three eMentoring sessions to support them in their desired areas of academic and professional growth

If you are a Volunteer, Scholar or Alumni with questions, please contact us at