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Scholar Support Resource Webinar

Self-Care and Stress Management 1



Young Professionals Conference – Virtual Session Recordings

Leadership Through Our Experiences – Defining Your Leadership Strengths

Understanding the Importance of Social Capital and Mentorship

How to be the Perfect Candidate and Get the Job/Internship You Want!

Compassionate Leadership: Is it Possible to be a Compassionate Leader Today?

The POWER of Being Counted! The APIA Community & the Census

Innovative Healing and Culturally Competent Services

Demystifying the Doctoral Journey: A Q&A Session on the Multiple Pathways to Earning a Doctoral Degree




APIA Leaders for Social Change
Listen as Scholars Evelyn Obamos, Harjit Singh, and Chang Liang discuss their professional experiences working to uplift the APIA community. They’ll provide insights on their own professional journeys, advice on how to achieve your goals, and strategies for maintaining wellness along the way!



Virtual Discussions

Pacific Islander Founders Panel



Life on Campus



Graduate School

Find out how to craft a competitive graduate school application from GMS Scholars and Admissions professionals. While these webinars address GMS policies and procedures, information is pertinent to all Scholars.



Professional Development