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Wendy Wong
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APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars)

APIA Scholars Celebrates Increased Funding for Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs)

APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars) Recognizes the Progress Made to the FY2023 Omnibus Spending Package


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE–Washington, DC (December 26, 2022) APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars) celebrates the recent agreement between congressional leaders and the Biden-Harris administration on a FY2023 bipartisan omnibus spending package that includes an increase in funding for traditionally underfunded and underrepresented students and the institutions that serve them. In particular, Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs) received an almost 70% increase in funding over the final spending package of FY2022.

The increased investment in AANAPISIs demonstrates a growing awareness of the importance of these institutions in supporting traditionally underserved low income and first generation Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) students in higher education. Specifically, the Title III spending in this package boosts discretionary funding for AANAPISIs from $10 million to more than $18 million per year, which will allow more eligible institutions to implement programs to promote student success, improve retention, graduation, and outreach strategies, and increase the reflection of APIA history and culture in the classroom.  “AANAPISIs have been chronically underfunded since their establishment. While 199 institutions have been identified bas eligible AANAPISIs, only 30 of those institutions are currently receiving AANAPISI funding given the underfunding of this set of schools and students. This historic investment represents a meaningful commitment needed by AANHPI) students and the AANAPISIs that support them” stated APIA Scholars President Noel Harmon.

In addition to correcting underfunding, investment in AANAPSIs is particularly important at this time in our nation’s history. AANHPI are among the fastest growing minority populations in the United States and they represent over 50 ethnic groups, all with distinct histories and needs. AANAPISIs are uniquely positioned to support these students as they confer a large number of associate and bachelor’s degrees to AANPHI and provide support and services tailored towards their diverse student body. “Expanded funding for AANAPISIs would also be an important step to combat the explosion in xenophobia and hate crimes against the AANHPI community over the past two years. Due to COVID-19, AANHPI students are experiencing heightened instances of racism and discrimination. Increased funding will aid institutions in being able to understand and respond to the unique challenges faced by AANHPI students today.” said APIA Scholars Senior Vice President Julie Ajinkya.

While we are encouraged by the proposed funding increases to AANAPISIs, we recognize the continued need for more robust mandatory and discretionary funding increases in order to fully address the traditional underfunding of institutions serving large numbers of AANHPI students. To equitably fund AANAPISIs at the level of comparable MSIs, funding totaling $100 million per year under Title III and Title V, Parts A and F would be required. To that end, APIA Scholars urges policymakers to continue making strides towards educational equity in the future by supporting increased funding for the important work AANAPISIs do in their communities.

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