Why Mental Health?

Mental health and emotional wellbeing play an important role in college student success, however oftentimes, APIA students are reluctant to seek support services. In fact, many studies have confirmed that Asian Americans have lower rates of utilizing mental health services, compared to white students, when they experience mental health challenges (Tung, 2011; Yang, et al., 2020). Throughout the past year additional factors such as the covid-19 pandemic and rise in Anti-Asian hate incidents on college campuses have exacerbated the need for comprehensive, culturally responsive mental health services. This information combined with feedback from our Scholar and Alumni community led APIA Scholars to establish the Mental Health Initiative.

APIA Scholars’ Approach

The APIA Scholars Mental Health Initiative utilizes a 3-pronged approach to address mental health needs in our Scholar community. First, we’re building awareness around the impacts of mental health challenges within the APIA community in an effort to eliminate stigma and encourage dialogue. Second, we’re partnering with community experts to host virtual sessions where we dive deeper into nuanced mental health discussions and participate in wellness practices together. Third, our Meta teletherapy app provides Scholars with access to a mental health provider in the palm of their hand. Learn more about the Mental Health Initiative and register to join us today!


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Thank you to our sponsors of the Mental Health Initiative