Good Vibes, Good Will Comedy Fundraiser JULY 29, 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT


Your Mental Health Matters

APIA Scholars wants to help you be the stronger version of yourself. We mostly do this through access to education and resources.


Welcome to APIA Scholars' Good Vides, Good Will Comedy Fundraising Show for Mental Health Awareness.

Laugh a Little (Access)

  • Access to the virtual Comedy night
  • A direct contribution ($25) to APIA Scholars
  • (Hang out with tons of your friends and some famous people)

Laugh Harder (Access+)

  • Access to the virtual Comedy night
  • An APIA Scholars Mental Health Awareness T-Shirt
  • Double the contribution ($50) to APIA Scholars

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Why Mental Health? Why Now?

APIA Scholars is taking a time-out.

I encourage you to join your fellow Scholars and alumni to take a break from the not-so-normal, the new normal, or whatever it is we call life right now. No matter what the label, your mental health is important to me and our community and during this time we want to make it our priority. The APIA community has experienced a rather challenging year and we want to help to “lighten the mood” with a little laughter and a lot of positivity. APIA Scholars will present Good Vibes, Good Will: an APIA Scholars Fundraiser/Comedy Show on July 29, at 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT. This virtual comedy show will bring together education experts, comedians and entertainers from the APIA community to discuss mental wellness through motivating stories, humor, inspiration, and resources.

"See" you there!

Noël Harmon

President, APIA Scholars

2021 Headliners

We're excited to bring you a comedic lineup that will surely shift your mood. Not only will you laugh with our comedians, but you'll get to hear some of their personal stories too.

Nori Reed
Jenny Yang
Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2.25.20 PM
Adam Pasi Is a Half-Samoan who likes to mess with people. His three dream jobs are pro wrestler, rapper, comedian.
Mona Jones is the world's only female Chamorro comedian and describes the difference between being Pacific Islander and Asian.


Nori Reed is an LA based comedian, writer, and actress from Christian County, Kentucky. Nori cut her teeth in the stand-up world in Oakland, CA, and was boldly named by SF Weekly as ‘Oakland’s Next Great Comedian.’ Nori's stand-up has been showcased by HBO Max. She has opened for Amy Poehler at Comedy Central’s Clusterfest and Maria Bamford at SF Sketchfest and has featured at Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival and All Jane Comedy Festival.


Jenny Yang is an award-winning Los Angeles-based standup comedian,
television writer, podcast host, speaker, and professional opinion-haver. Yang is the co-founder and co-producer of Dis/orient/ed Comedy, a nationally touring comedy showcase of Asian-American women, as well as the co-host of ISAtv's Angry Asian America along with Phil Yu of Angry Asian Man.


Born in the Philippines and raised in California, JR De Guzman began performing comedy while working as a music teacher, which he quickly learned just meant teaching Taylor Swift songs to teenagers. He has entertained all over the world, having performed for Stand-Up Tokyo and ROR Comedy in Japan, the Jokers Ball in Indonesia, the Badaboom Comedy Series in Amsterdam, and countless other international shows. Combining music and comedy, JR serenades the audience into laughter with songs, jokes, and stories.


Adam Pasi is a Portland comic who is quickly becoming among the most recognized names in Northwestern comedy. Born in Tacoma, WA and raised on army bases on the East Coast and in Germany, Adam’s unique outlook on life allows him to craft absurd yet relatable stories, culminating in admittedly ridiculous calls to arms. Adam has appeared on the IFC show "Portlandia" and has performed on the Limestone, Wenatchee, and Bridgetown comedy festivals. He is a regular host at Helium Comedy Club, as well as a co-host of the bi-monthly comedy game show Funny Humans vs. The Wheel.


Mona Jones is the world's only female Chamorro comedian. She describes the distinction between being Pacific Islander and being Asian, and America's tendency to clump the two together. She also gives us a crash course on island culture and the racism that existed in its school systems.

asian not asian

Do you think we did this all by ourselves?

H$#* No! Meet our Hosts!

Do you know Mic and Fumi? You should. Mic and Fumi volunteered to help up find the talent and teach us how to keep you laughing. Learn more about what Mike and Fumi do now.

Asian Not Asian is a weekly comedy podcast with hosts Fumi Abe (Comedy Central) and Mic Nguyen (Mcsweeney's). Their elevator pitch is this: Two Asian guys not from Asia talking about American issues no American cares about.


Thanks, Mic and Fumi!



How is APIA Scholars Supporting our Scholars' Mental Health?


To overcome the stigma that exists in the APIA community around seeking help and caring for one's mental wellness, we amplify the APIA voices speaking up about mental health.


Given the unique histories and identities of the APIA experience, we provide our Scholars and alumni with culturally appropriate education to increase the mental health literacy of our community.

Services & Support

APIA Scholars offers students access to one-on-one counseling through a partnership with META Teletherapy app. We also offer group support services to discuss life events with a practitioner.

APIA Experience

If you woke up today thinking today was the day you were going to make a difference, you were right. Eat cake and buy a ticket!

YOUR mental health matters! Baby steps....just start laughing.