APIA Scholars’ Statement on the Violence at the U.S. Capitol



Washington, D.C., January 7, 2021 – Noël Harmon, President and CEO, APIA Scholars

APIA Scholars is saddened and horrified by the violent events that took place at our U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and we condemn these acts to the fullest extent.

As we all begin to manage and process these events, I would ask for our community to take yet one more opportunity to reflect. The events at the U.S. Capitol, while horrific, also remind us of our resilience and our roots as a country. By 4am the next day, the Constitution had withstood one of its most tremendous tests and new generations bore witness to a successful resolution.

APIA Scholars is committed to the next generation, and the success of Asian Pacific Islander American students who are poised to be our future leaders, excelling in their careers, serving as role models in their communities, and ultimately contributors to a more vibrant America. Americans are resilient, as are our scholars and we will, despite the events of this past week, continue charting a path toward a bright future where all voices are heard and valued.