Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholars (APIA Scholars) Statement on Affirmative Action



APIA Scholars is an organization that supports diversity, equity and inclusion and we decry the Supreme Court’s decision today to repeal affirmative action. Numerous studies on affirmative action bans have demonstrated that the result is an immediate and long-term decrease in diversity and representation and prevents equitable access to opportunities for students. As an organization that is founded on increasing diversity and access to educational opportunities, we support affirmative action, we defend diversity and we affirm inclusivity. We do not support policies that result in the opposite outcome or any rhetoric that undermines racial equity and justice. In our survey that went out to about 22,000 high school seniors, college students and recent grads, 80% of our respondents approve of affirmative action. We believe race is part of a person’s identity and should be one of the factors that should be considered in a holistic admissions evaluation so that more students can receive a fair chance.

Part of our ongoing mission is to raise awareness that there is a vast diversity of cultures, viewpoints, and backgrounds within our own communities. We also recognize that there are differing positions in our diverse country and even within our Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community, and we refuse to engage in divisive and baiting debates which seek to further the model minority myth and the inaccurate depiction of the Asian community as a monolith. Rather, our focus will be with allies on critical conversations, programs, and policies that support and advance our mission to ensure students of all ethnicities have equitable access to and are successful in their educational journey.

We will continue to uplift and empower AANHPI student voices. 


About APIA Scholars
Based in Washington, D.C. and founded in 2003, APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars) is the nation’s leading non-profit organization devoted to the academic, personal, and professional success of Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students. We celebrate our community of students whose unique stories, rich cultures, and diverse perspectives equip them to be the leaders of tomorrow. Through scholarships, higher education research and policy, and institutional partnerships, APIA Scholars carries out its mission to educate, elevate, and empower a diverse community of 25 million strong and growing.
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Wendy Wong
VP of Marketing and Communications
APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars)