APIA Scholars Leads Sign-On Letter to Increase AANAPSIs Funding



APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars), with the support of 281 organizations and individuals in higher education, policy, and the AANHPI community, sent a letter to members of to urge for increased funding for Asian American and Native American Pacific-Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISIs).

AANAPISIs have been historically underfunded since their inception in 2007, and the least funded among other Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs). AANAPISIs enroll a high number of AANHPI students and provide culturally-relevant supports and services that positively impact ANHPI student success. In recent years, APIA Scholars has spearheaded a steering committee to build coalition and support for AANAPISIs, directed research and recommendations on the impact of these institutions, as well as led the letters of support to Congress to push for increased funding. Most recently in FY2023, that effort has resulted in an increase in discretionary funding for AANAPISIs from $10 million to more than $18 million per year, an almost 70% increase over FY 2022.

While the FY 2023 increase was encouraging, it is important to note that it still falls short of equitable funding. To equitably fund AANAPISIs at the level of comparable MSIs, funding totaling $100 million per year under Title III and Title V, Parts A and F would be required. To that end, the most recent sign-on letter urges policymakers to continue making strides towards educational equity in the future by supporting increased funding to the equitable level.

About APIA Scholars

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Wendy Wong
VP of Marketing and Communications
APIA Scholars (Asian Pacific Islander American Scholars)